Why a Businessperson Must Consider Concierge Medicine

Your employees’ physical and emotional health will establish a big part of your company’s performance. Your company is more likely to run efficiently if they are actively participating. As the healthcare industry advances and the cost of employee insurance coverage grows, many businesses find it more difficult than ever to ensure their employees without experiencing considerable financial losses.

Employee health insurance may be one of the most expensive costs a company might incur over the year. Working with a concierge physician might be one of your company’s most cost-efficient indirect expenditures.

How Concierge Medicine is Different

A growing number of doctors are providing concierge medicine in London, where clients pay a fee to have their physician available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They may be able to guarantee various services that aren’t available in conventional medicine. These include same-day consultations, after-hours and email access to the doctor, and even making home calls when the patient is too unwell to travel.

How Does Group Insurance Work With Concierge Medicine

Employers increasingly understand the value of healthy employees in running a successful company. Concierge medicine is often used to supplement an employer’s benefits package rather than replace insurance. Most concierge medical practitioners take group insurance to cover testing and lab work, and the concierge practice’s yearly fee generally pays any services not covered by the insurance company.

How Concierge Medicine Would Benefit Your Employees

Preventive Care Focus

Concierge plans like HealthClic corporate healthcare understand that preventive care is crucial to a healthy lifestyle. Your employee will work one-on-one with a nutritionist to create a personalized eating plan tailored to their requirements.

Concierge medical service will also provide a variety of sophisticated laboratories and screening tests since early detection is essential.

24/7 Availability

You may reach out to your medical team anytime, no matter where you are. Access to a doctor on call in London helps you work through challenges as they occur, whether you need an urgent care visit, general counseling, an e-prescription, or lateral flow antigen tests for travel. You no longer have to wait until business hours to contact your physicians and nurses. So much can be performed at your leisure with our mobile app and online consultation booking.

Pandemic Responses

One of the significant advantages of employing a concierge medical service is that you will have access to a physician who is not overworked. With concierge care, your physician will have more time to focus on you during each session and ensure that they fully understand your symptoms to develop an effective treatment plan. This is especially true during COVID-19, when symptoms might vary quickly and need immediate reactions.

Final Thought

Because cost-shifting is not a viable means to manage health care spending in today’s economy, a new approach to benefits programming is needed. Concierge medicine is worth exploring if the health of your workers is essential to your company’s operations.

Employers might meet employee needs for optimal healthcare while avoiding the high costs of traditional health coverage by providing individualized, top-notch treatment that focuses on prevention and enhancing overall health. In this time of the pandemic, concierge medicine will considerably benefit your company.